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OkToken serves investors through best online services and nudge them towards adopting cryptocurrency-based investment system and trading practices.

Venture Capital Investment

OkToken brings venture capital investing to millions of people around the world, leveraging on the revolutionary technology of blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Crypto Exchange

OkToken can be exchanged for fiat money / digital currencies / more established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as OkToken shall listed on various cryptocurrency exchanges once the ICO is done.

Investment Projects

OkToken is based on ERC 20 standard Ethereum-based public blockchain technology. As a consequence, the token will be used as investment in privately held companies, startups, OTC listed companies.


During the ICO, quarterly valuation of investments will be published to solidify our brand identity, while in the later stage, we will be resorting to Initial Exchange Offering to further solidify our commitment to our investors.

Backed Token Price

OkToken assets will be officially held by a regulated custodian, namely Tiger Super Fund SPC. For every OkToken sold, same value of shares of the mentioned companies will be transfered to the custodian to back the price of the token.

About OkToken

OkToken is a cryptocurrency based on the concept of propagating convenience in venture capital investment and it is this concept that makes it a superior investing solution. OkToken promises to start off a new wave of decentralized and trusted investment in venture capital ecosystem, which would work along with the current platforms. Funding from the sales of OkToken, as well as the profit of the token price's growth, will be invested in startups, new projects and exsisting projects. It gives the investors a possibility in the unbeliveable upside, as the right investments will be chosen and monitored by a well experienced managment team. The accounts and results of the investments will be reported quarterly on OkToken web site.

Token Sale

Join the industry leaders to discuss where the markets are heading. We accept token payments.

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OkToken is issused by OkePay New Zealand Limited, which was incorporated on 10th July 2014 in 3 Owens Road, Epsom, Auckland, 1149, New Zealand.
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