How to Buy

1. Sign up

  • New users can create an account by filling the mandatory fields like username, email id, password and check the recaptcha.
  • Need to verify your registered mail after signup. The verification email maybe end up in your spam / junk email folder, please check if you don't receive it.

2. Sign In

  • After verifying the email, users can sign in with their credentials (username and password) and check out the recaptcha to get signed in.

3. Dashboard

  • Users can view their Total Tokens , Purchased Token and Referral Bonus and their Location when they login with their IP Address.

4. MyAccount

  • Users can view their personal details (name, contact details & name of the country), as well as security details.
  • Users can edit / update their profile picture and personal details here.

5. Security Settings

  • Users need to enable 2FA Authentication to secure the account before trading. Please choose either "Google Authentication" or "Email Authentication".
  • If you choose "Google Authentication", download and install "Google Authenticator" app in your mobile and scan the QR code once. Then it's all set. Every time you log in our web site, after entering your password, you just need to open the app to get an instant 6 digits code for authentication.
  • If you choose "Email Authentication", click "Send Code" then a 6 digitals code will be sent to your registered email. Enter the code then you are all set up. Every time you log in, after entering your password, a 6 digits code will be sent to your registered email for authentication. Enter that code then you will be logging in successfully.

6. KYC Verification

  • Users must submit their valid details and also upload ID proof documents for KYC verification to start depositing the funds in the platform.

7. Change Password

  • This the place where users can change the password.

8. Bank Details

  • Users must enter valid details for mandatory fields to create bank details.

9. Support

  • In Support the user can raise his query while facing any problem in the site. Please wait for our reply after submitting a Support Ticket.

10. Token Sale

  • This is the place where user buy OkToken. Before buying, you need to deposit fund first in the Wallet.

11. Wallet

  • Deposit:
  1. users are able to deposit BTC, ETH and USD to buy the OkToken.
  2. A unique wallet address will be generated for the KYC verified users. With that wallet address they can deposit BTC or ETH.
  3. For deposit of USD, please kindly check our Company Bank Details and make deposit / transfer / remit to our account. You need to upload your Deposited Proof after you make the deposit / transfer / remit. After we have confirmed the reception of the fund, we will approve your deposit and the balance will be shown in your Wallet. Please allow at least 3 working days for your balance to be approved.
  • Withdraw:
  1. For withdrawal of the OkToken or the crypto the user have to fill in your wallet address for withdrawal and submit the request.
  2. The withdrawal needs to be approved and there will be withdrawal fee.

12 . Transaction History

  • You can check all your Deposit, Withdraw, Purchase, Referral Bonus and Transfer History respectively.